Alan Frew - "Hold On"

"Making a solo album seems to me to be somewhat similar to taking a 'solo' space flight to the stars. You're only really solo after you lift off and even then without mission control you cannot stay on course. So to call this a solo album would be rather pretentious and down right unfactual! My love and thanks to all of you who helped so much to get this rocketship off of the ground and also to those of you working so hard to keep it on course." - Alan Frew

From the liner notes of the EMI Album "Hold On"

Hold On is the first solo album from ex Glass Tiger lead singer Alan Frew.
Produced by John Jones and Alan Frew, and Engineered by John Jones, Steve Churchyard and Walter Turbitt, who also added production, the album has guest performances by:

The album has spawned 3 top ten hits in Canada including the number one Jones/Frew composition - "So Blind"

the track listing:
You're The One
Healing Hands
It Always Feels the Same
Hold On
I am With You Tonight
Learning to Fly
So Blind
Once Upon a Time
Cloud 9
If Only I Could Dream
I Wonder Why
Falling At Your Feet

The album information is:
Artist: Alan Frew
Album: Hold On
Company: EMI Records
Cat Num: E2 7 2438 28990 2 0

Contact EMI Music Canada, 3109 American Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1B2

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